The Brief
Human perspective is completely individual—everyone sees the same situation differently, depending on their previous experiences. 
Is there a product, system or service that could be created to show perspective? 
The Concept 
A series of speculative prototypes, focusing on human perspective, and playing with the idea of what technology may look like in a world where you can see exactly what someone else sees.
Optric, is the brand that runs throughout the prototypes.
The name comes from Descartes 1637 piece La Dioptrique. 
Search Engine Prototype–

This prototype imagines what a search engine might look like if the results appeared in a non-linear, and non-biased fashion. Each circle represents a search result which answer the questions that are inputted into the website.

Smart Glasses Prototype–

Building upon the original search engine prototype, these posters promote a rendering of a 3D model of smart glasses. Imagining what this tech might look like if it was both fashionable and functional.

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